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About LoonYProgS

Founded in 2001, LoonYProgS began developing scoring software for the trivia group Trivia With The Benches. At the time, the only scoring program was the Trivial Scorer
Trivial Scorer by Il Moderno
by Il Moderno but it did not work with the then newley released Windows XP. Out of these circumstances, the Bench Scorer
Note the EXIT button... lmao!
was born. It was the first XP compatible scorer available for Yahoo trivia.

Having only programmed in html and php prior to this venture, the early versions of my scorers were very basic, some with confusing layouts
It's like I just threw the buttons onto the form, lol
and odd color
In my defense, these colors were by request...
combinations. As my grasp of the language increased, and it did so very slowly, I began writig software for other groups, such as World Trivia Club, Trivia Fun Forum, ThankGodItsFun Trivia, Krazie Trivia and several others.

In 2002, LoonYProgS released Yahoo Trivia's first Trivia Bot
This early 2002 version had about a dozen bot commands, including file serving
. This trivia bot used both Yahoo messenger and Yahelite and was the first time multi-client functionality appears in LoonYProgS software. In 2003, I'd grown tired of developing individule scrorers for each group. It had become so time consuming keeping up with all the different groups and when one program needed updated due to changes in the parent sorftware, they all had to be updated. Plans for a universal, one for all scorer began to reach a coding stage....

The NDS (Non Denominational Scorer) was released in March of 2003. It allowed users to customise their scorer to fit their perticular room. Customs texts and colors, as well as lots of custom options such as the ScoBot, the NDS's own chat client, and compatibility with all the major clients.... Since then, most all of the yahoo trivia community have moved to Paltalk. In 2007, the LPPalScore was released as a public beta. It followed in the tradition of the NDS by having multiple custom options and full cutomization of the scorers texts.

Today, LoonYProgS continues to develop scoring software and utilities for trivia. I pride myself in creating software that is optimised and easy to use. I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have concerning new or existing programs or my website. LoonYProgS software is free. If you enjoy using my software, please consider making a donation. All donations go towards keeping the site open and ad free.

LoonYProgS Info


Founded: Jan 16 2001
Programming in VB, Html, PHP, Java, CSS, Delphi, Python, K++.
Software for Yahoo/Paltalk Trivia, as well as custom software for trivia clubs, family, friends and for my own personal use. Custom programming upon request.
LoonYProgS supports all of Yahoo & Paltalk trivia.

This site is best viewed with Firefox. was built with NotePad.

Services Offered

Custom programming for your trivia group or yourself.
Basic web page design and consulting.
PHPBB setup and maintenance.

LP Staff

Sharky, LoonYProgS shop foreman
, LoonYProgS shop foreman
Roxi, Bouncer
, Bouncer

Beta Team

Yah Beta Team : janus069, o0_mel_0o, ybnormal, psychmajor, Dillo, Kimmmah, one80's, Dan, Lolly, Lisa(celt), Dante, south_gal
Pal Beta Team : Raife, FumeDrummer, Georgie n Matt Lex, Wizabella, Sweetums, Witchy from Oz, IcE, Powered Snake, Lolly, Or1ah, Soccy, Rippled Nippple

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LoonYProgS software is free. Please show your support by making a donation. Thanks!


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